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#141168 - we had continued this for months me comeing over at night and we fucking behind the garage and the last time I saw him he kissed me and I left never to here from him again I later found out he had gotten a girlfriend and moved away , I loved him and he knew I did from then on till now I have had a piece of my heart torn out of me by him and never have healed from it some nights I cry because I miss him so much , he was my first fuck and my first love , I will love u forever. Till one day he had called Carrie she was like ooh hi, and told him that I was over, he then wanted to talk to me so we did after a while he then asked me out, I said yes. his friend was there and so we got dressed and all 3 of us were in the basement a hour later while his friend was in the bathroom I was giving Nick a blowjob he said if u keep this up ill squirt my load in your mouth but I had got tired so he said hell and pushed me down and undid his pants and mine and shoved his hard cock in me and cummed.

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Maho nishizumi
Beautiful she meant to serve you with her best offering
You are amazing would it be possible to get a friend to film you guys